What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is actually a process, rather than a product. It’s the long-term method of managing your finances to achieve your goals. Additionally, financial planning negotiates any financial barriers that may arise during your lifetime. The beginning process of a financial plan is establishing your goals. From there, data is gathered to analyze and evaluate your finances and, once complete, a plan is developed and implemented. The plan is monitored regularly to make adjustments that will further help you reach your goals.

Who Needs Financial Planning?

Regardless of your age or financial status, financial planning is essential for any financial planning strategy. Young families looking to build a strong financial foundation can benefit from a secure financial plan. Additionally, those looking to plan for unwanted surprises or build wealth can benefit from financial planning. Financial planning can even help you begin building for retirement. As we all face unexpected financial situations that can hold us back from our goals, financial planning should be utilized by all families.

What Retirement Annuity Options Do I Have with Mark Deaton?

Mark is committed to helping you build your financial success. Through his financial planning, he will customize your plan to include:

Asset and mortgage protection
Disability income
Estate prevention or creation
Long-term care
Needs in the event of death
Tax-deferred savings

Why Choose Mark Deaton For Financial Planning?

A financial plan with Mark can provide you with the tools and guidance you need to create the financial future you desire. To help you identify you risk and goals, he uses “Profiles & Forecaster,” a proven industry analytical tool. He will help you develop a formula to achieve your goals and provide you with the advice and guidance you need to stick to them. By having financial protection through your planning, you and your family will be able to have what is needed to grow, even if an unexpected event should arise. While no one can predict the future, you can plan for it by utilizing financial planning. Mark is here to assist you with his expertise in financial planning.